Yu’s Dream Life

Here is what my dream life looks like.
I spend quality time with my children,  we jump ropes together, we sing together, we dance together, we tell jokes together, we go hiking together when they are older, we hug and tell each other we love each other often, we go on trips together…
I also will give myself time to grow, to experience new things, to go on solo trips, to go hiking with friends, to see opera, to see high culture events and low life entertainments, to learn new things, new languages, meet new people who comes from a different cultures and language backgrounds,  try new foods that are not familiar to me… I want to see the different sides of NYC. I will go traveling to Europe and enjoy the culture and people there.  I will overcome my fears about a lot of things. I will learn to manage/control my finances.
While enjoying and raising my family, I still have myself, growing, learning and becoming a better, wiser, fuller person everyday.

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