Brian’s Passion


I’ve always wanted to fire a gun. Like my peers, Ive grown up playing the Call of Duty games and other shooting games. I’ve always imagined myself as the main characters as they went about their missions. I’ve read and heard about what it would be like to shoot a real gun. However, simulations can only get you so far and Youtube videos of other people shooting guns were varied in terms of a reaction.


When I fired the Glock 9 for the first time, the feeling was amazing. Physically I had fired a gun with the capability to go far with an unbelievable strength. Mentally, all the insecurities about me firing them disappeared and I finally knew what firing a weapon was really about. Nobody would ever have to tell me their own experiences because I had my own and I would no longer have to imagine what soldiers felt when they fired their guns.  


Next time, when someone starts to argue with me about how guns shoot, I will ask them, “Have you ever fired a gun?”


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