Kit’s Dreams

Although I do satisfy of who I am and what I am doing right now, There still 2 point away from the life that I dreamed of. If I have exceed amount of wealth that can give better live to my family, or if I have more time to stay with my family, Money and time is never been sufficient to me. As we know time is always decrease and never get increased no matter what, so finding something/someone meaning so much to you is important.

I rarely play sport, haven’t gone to trip for years, not a fan of any club, movie, music, reading are just a daily routine, however, I luckily have two daughter and I spend most of my time at home  with them. Yes my hobby is that playing with daughters!  I even found myself humming nursery rhythm at working and on the street. I believe that babies are priceless gifts from the heaven and from the day of my first child born, I am a life-time “father”. They make me happy, they make me tired, they make me cry, they make me busy and they also make me understand my responsibility and privilege of being a father.

I think I am gonna even lower my satisfaction of current life to 7 out of 10 because other than money and time, I really think, If there any chance, I can have one more kid in my family. And I know I will enjoy all times that spending with my kids. If my dream becomes true, time will be very insufficient.


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