Jack’s Life

i love playing basketball, is a very teamwork sport and a very good exercise. before basketball, i was very shy and no confidence boy. as i started playing and watching basketball, i start being involve more. As i just started playing, i think i was good at it, i shot well and score a lot, and of course, i being selfish a lot just holding a ball way too much. as like that, i lost a lot of games, and then i showed alot of my temper infront of my teammates. and i realized i has to changed my way to play basketball, first, i would have to get myself better, so my skill would be more useful on the game, secondly, i have to get my teammates more involves, and that mean passing more . and third. try to communicate my teammates and talking stragies with them. so the game get easier to play. the game get more fun and most importantly i got people respect me. because they know no matter win or lose, they know i gave out my best to them for the win . and that is the format on life too. even though life might not be a game. but you definetly have to play well with it in order to enjoy and fully into it. and because of basketball, i gain more confidence, more outgoing and become a better person as i am.
sometime i have crazy thinking of things, i would want to do everything each time i realize. such as, those singers on the subway train, i would love to just perform one song infront of the people. i will. i want to learn to play piano and write my own song. i want to be an actor at least one. there are so much thing i want to try before my life end.
for love, i am foolish or too much dreaming about it. but reality is reality, people are getting more and thinking more from it. is like you have to earn something to deserve it. i don’t agree that statment thou, but somehow i found that is sadly true.


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