Dori’s vision – Zenergy

My vision for my world is global sustainability and renewable energy. I live this vision every moment.
What this looks like in my relationship with myself is motivation, authenticity & ownership of my sacred feminine zenergy. I explore and expand my highest self, while inviting everyone in my life to be their highest being in any given moment.
What this looks like with my friends & family is sharing health, love, support, fun, joy & pizza. It looks like listening, empathy, compassion & belly laughs.
What this looks like with my communities is sharing responsibility, service, giving, receiving & support. It looks like caring, playfulness and love.
What this looks like on my earth is innovation, renewable clean energy, peace, abundance, Go-Giving and paying it forward.
Energy is neither created nor destroyed it simply changes form. In my vision. energy is transformed, purified and magnified with each & every transfer, creating empowered and empowering sustainable relationships everywhere.


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