Salina’s Vision

I take a deep breath as the muscles in my body relaxes. It’s over. The
heavy gasps, the clenching of my fists, and the squinting of my face
comes to an end. As I take another deep breath, I open my eyes to a
brightly lit room. My eyes can barely make sense of the visuals around
me from my sweat and tears. Tony gently wipes my face with the rough
tissues only hospitals can provide. The ceiling is gridded with
cellophane tiles and florescent lights. There’s a large curtain drawn
around us.
Suddenly I hear a faint sound. A blurry blue image moves it’s way
across the room towards me. It’s the nurse calling for my attention.
And in the background, the sound of a baby crying. The nurse reaches
over and places the warm swaddled body in my arms. As the baby’s cry
fades, I reached my fingers around the edges to bare sight.
I can see her rosy pink complexion. Her swollen eyes barely open to
give sight to me. She takes a deep breath as she nestles in my arms.
My nose tingles and there was no holding back. Tears start to roll
down my glimmering cheeks. I gasp and reach for Tony’s hand. I looked
up at his smile and said “she’s beautiful.” He leans down and sets a
kiss on my forehead. He says, “I love you.” My eyes tear with the
warmth in my heart. I am joyous and abundant with my response, “I love
you, too.”


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