Manny’s Life – Speaking into Existence

How would your life be like if it was a 10 out of 10? (Speaking into existence)

My life is a 10 out of 10 because I am able to travel the world. I travel a minimum of two times a month with my beautiful, loving wife. Her and I own a laundry mat and a limo company. We have condos in several parts of the world. What really makes us happy is not the materialistic things but being able to help others by giving back and mentoring others at our local church. We both came from nothing and know what its like to not have much of anything. The more we give the more we receive. Our blessings come from the lord and we give happily.

What are your passions?

I have a passion for sports and the outdoors, some things include rock climbing, scuba diving, running, and weight lifting. My biggest passions are spending quality time with others and giving back any way possible.

What excites you about your day?

What excites me about my day is being able to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee with my wife while watching the sun rise. We tend to appreciate the smaller things in life. I get excited every day just knowing that her and I share the same passion for the lord and we get to work together not only as partners but also and my best friend. This woman understands and consoles me. She is heaven sent and has been a blessing in my life. I thank God every day for bringing her into my life.

What are your authentic goals, ones that make you, and no one else, happy?

  • My authentic goals in life are taking care of my family, being able to travel freely, go to the Air Force Academy, continue to open up different businesses, giving back to the community, and starting a family of my own with the woman of my dreams.

What inspires you?

  • I am inspired by God! Anything that is positive inspires me. I enjoy listening to and watching other people being happy and joyous.

What has you cry tears of joy?

  • Being able to see others having fun, smiling, loving, caring, people appreciating life, and people caring for others.

What are you greatful for in your life?

  • I am greatful for being able to live another day! Many people wish for the opportunity to live another day so wh not appreciate the days that God has blessed me with to live? I am greatful for my family because without them I would be lost. I am greatful for a man called Andrew Petrus… this man mentored me when I was a you pup, he showed me that there was more to life then what I could visibly see at the present time. This man took me in as if I were his child. He showed me how to be a good man and to stay away from all the knuckle heads. Without this man in my life I believe I would have been dead, in jail, or had five kids and living off of the government.

What would be the milestone in your life?

  • Milestone in my life would be to support my entire family and be able to give back to everyone in as many ways as I can. Milestone to me does not necessarily mean money, instead it means life… living life and being happy doing it.

What hobbies would you continue enjoying? Start doing?

  • I would take on different things. I would still continue to do all thing that I enjoy doing now. I stop saying NO as much and be more open to trying new things.

What are your guilty pleasures? Are they really guilty?

  • One guilty pleasure that I have is having some alone time…. Just me and no one else. I enjoy doing some things by myself because I feel I appreciate small things more then as if I were doing something with someone who perhaps does not appreciate smaller things as I do. I do not consider this really guilty but it makes me feel bad when I tell others I don’t want to spend time with them. I am a sucker for sweets such as cake and chocolate. This one is guilty because it makes me run more on the tread mill

Describe the relationship of your dreams. How would it feel like?

  • This relationship would be open, honest, loving, caring, gentle, passionate, attractive, physically fit, strong woman who supports me, not too much complaining and more understanding.

Where would you travel? What would you do?

  • I will travel all over the world, not limiting myself to certain locations. I would do everything I am doing now and also try new things. I will compromise and do what my wife likes to do too.

What do you do that has you feeling fulfilled? Joyful?

  • Spending quality time with my family, sports, traveling, learning new things.

How would your relationship with your significant other be like?

  • It would be like walking on clouds! Spontaneous, loving, caring, joyous, passionate, gentle. A relationship where she can be my best friend… I would be able to tell her everything and anything without her judging or getting upset.

What would it take to touch your heart?

  • Honesty, lovingness, caring, openness, affection, and most of all a woman who seeks God as I do.

What foods do you savor?

  • I savor anything that is not healthy for you! Cake, chocolate, pies, Chinese food, pizza, Spanish food, Italian, Indian….. I don’t discriminate I love all types of food as long as its tasty.

What are your happiest childhood memories?

  • My father and I were walking home and he asked me if I was hungry, I said yes and he took me to eat at Popeye’s. I placed my order but he decided not to order anything and said he was not hungry. As we sat there I noticed him looking at the food but did not dare to take some. I offered him some of my food and only then did he take some French fries stating he was not very hungry. At the time I did not know why but now that I am older I understand why he didn’t eat. He didn’t have enough money to feed both of us so he decided to feed me. Just thinking about this moment makes my eyes water up. For many years I thought he didn’t love but instead I learned that he does love me and everyone demonstrates their love in different ways.

What/who makes you smile/laugh like never before?

  • My uncle Fernando always makes me laugh and smile. He is always in good spirits and in a good mood. He is funny as all heck and know how to break the tension in any room.

What pets would you own?

  • I would own a dog and maybe a gold fish.

What would your relationship be like with nature?

  • I would travel more and definitely spend more time outdoor. I admire earth and how it works. I will admire the small things in nature as well as the big things.

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