Brian – Large Scale Philanthropy

When I grow older I want to be a philanthropist. Im not talking small scale, Im talking an organization that has the power and influence to make a difference. To accomplish this task will be a dream come true. If I could possibly accomplish this, I would help children in third world countries get off the streets and into schools. I would also help victims of natural disasters and bad conditions get off the streets so that they would not be victims to all forms of violence. One day I would also like to visit a less fortunate country and help out personally because doing something yourself takes much more motivation than does paying or funding someone else to do it. One person who inspired me is my friend’s father who went himself to New Orleans after the devastating hurricane Katrina and helped to rebuild houses. One day, I would hope to be like him and maybe bring with me more people. There are to many less fortunate people in the world for those of us who live comfortable lifestyles to find anything wrong with our lives. One day, I hope to alleviate the sufferings of humanity and allow more people to live a more easy life.


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