James Chueh Talks About Who Inspires Him

In 2007, I  was inspired by a book “History of 54th Army” which was written by many people.

My grandfather was the command-in-chief of 54th Army between 1933 and 1950.  I got the book at 1985 and just read it briefly.

To help my cousin to write a book about my grandfather, in 2007 I started reading it carefully and also searched the internet to get more information.

Suddenly all the stories became real scenes in my mind. I had never been so emotional in my life. I was in tears in the office when I thought of those soldiers who were killed or wounded in the battlefield. Many of them were left in mainland China (there were not enough ships to go to Taiwan) in 1949 and suffered even more after war.

They were my grandfather’s soldiers. I felt that I had responsibility to do something for them. For the people killed, I started collecting their names and asked the government to put them in the National Memorial Hall. I have found more than 3000 names, For the people alive, I raised fund from relatives and sent money to them. I have sent money to about 60 people.

From the book, I also found that Uncle Lee, an old, short, quiet, humble weak man who I lived with for 10 years, was a general that had many contributions to the country during the war, and yet, he was not famous at all. I also applied
to put his name in the National Memorial Hall.

I was inspired by a book printed 20 years ago. That just goes to show that the impact and influence of a touching experience can last forever.  And so, I also write to inspire others. I post my articles in the Chinese newspaper.
Recently, my 6 months old article was quoted in a magazine recently.

I am currently in the process of applying for the 3000 soldiers, and my grandfather, to set up a memorial tablet.


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