Catching up on Megan’s Life!

Dear Sparkled Life,

I just got married not too long ago and just found out that we are expecting twins! We are SO excited! Our relationship is built on a solid friendship, teamwork and trust. We both believe that love is a choice, and we choose to love each other everyday—we do the work and put forth the effort, creativity, and spontaneity that it takes. We workout together on a regular basis, eat organically, and support each other with our visions! We are extremely driven, resourceful and connected, and work passionately towards making a difference in the world together! We are also both dedicated to transformational work within others and ourselves! We live the work and are master enrollers!! But since we don’t have all the answers, we also both get couples life coaching on a regular basis to support whatever we are up to. We are spontaneous and adventurous! We ride motorcycles for fun and take road trips! We go on a cruise once a year and friends and family usually come along. We love to cook together and once a week we host themed get-togethers at our place (wherever we are that week lol) with friends and family! We also turn off our cell phones for the entire day, every Sunday—allowing us to be ‘more’ present with each other. We spend regular quality time with both our families and we all get along exceptionally well. We treat each other with the utmost respect and keep open lines of communication. We both celebrate breakdowns, since that is where we have the possibility to grow and create breakthroughs together! We do yoga together and go dancing often. We love to laugh! We travel a lot and have a home in NY and one in WA State also. We go back and forth between NY and WA since I have schools opened in both states!

We actually just got back from India, where we funded and opened a nursery school for one of the impoverished villages. We left a beautiful legacy there and impacted the village in such a positive and inspiring way! The program I set up in the nursery school was of my design! It encompasses my philosophies and my personal vision for children, and is set in the consciousness-based curriculum that I developed! I already have three books published on it! As well as more than twenty children’s titles and two children’s albums!! The program in India mirrors the pilot program that I set in place in both of my private nursery schools in NY as well as my school in Spokane, WA! Next, we intend to open a school somewhere in Africa and continue our legacy in different impoverished communities throughout the world.

I also have a special project that I took on a couple years ago which has been a HUGE success!! EJ Roberts Mansion is a special place to me. I used to work there as a private maid in the mansion (dressed to the era lol), supporting with the day to day of the high class Victorian mansion’s B&B. But since I was the only person connected to the mansion passionate enough to keep its legacy alive, the owner passed it on to me!! The B&B is booked every night and we also host four weddings a year! I do dinner theatre programs, children’s tea parties, brunches, and special events as well!! The restaurant and bar next door to the mansion has also been a huge success! We just recently were featured in two different magazines, which gave raving reviews of the mansion and the restaurant!!

Some of my favorite hobbies include: photography, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, singing karaoke, horseback riding, and anything that involves the outdoors! I also love hosting workshops for parents on various topics to inspire and empower them to be their child’s first teacher and create a life of possibilities for their child/children! I host workshops weekly in WA and NY!

Well, I hope that catches you up a bit?! Clearly we are staying busy—as we like it, and are living each day to the fullest, as if it were our last! We are committed to living a life of no regrets! Hooray! J Hope you are too?! Be well and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love and Light, Megan


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