Jonathan’s Vision of a Fine Saturday Morning!

Many Saturdays start off in this fashion with me waking up in a spacious large sun-drenched bedroom in my large apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. As I rub my eyes I feel some movement from my dog who has been silently resting next to me. As we both start to rise
from the bed I look out from my wall sized window and see that it is a beautiful warm day overlooking central park. My dog gets excited because he can sense that he is going to get a refreshing jog in the park. As we make our way into the kitchen, I feel a sense of vitality as a gentle breeze blows in from an open sliding door to my balcony on the far side of my apartment. In the kitchen I pour myself a refreshing glass of ice tea that was brewed the the day before.

Before my run, I take fifteen minutes to mediate on the gratitude I have for the life I am able to experience, the appreciation I have for all the people in my life and a wish for all people to experience the deep joy I am feeling. After I meditate I take some time to stretch and proceed out for a invigorating jog with my dog. During our run we see many other people also enjoying this gorgeous day to the fullest.

On returning to the apartment I run into my wife as she is returning from the yoga class she teaches on Saturday mornings. She is a vision of beauty with her long straight black hair, radiant skin, intoxicating eyes and striking but unassuming allure. She has a figure that is somewhere between athletic and curvy and it is obvious that she not only takes care of her outside appearance but also what she consumes. All of her physical beauty takes a back seat to her warm, caring,  personable, witty, clever, intelligent personality. A conversation with her is always guaranteed to produce a laugh because her sense of humor weaves through her words like a snake slithers through the grass. To the world she presents an aura of class without a hint of arrogance.

As our lips meet on our greeting, she asks if I would like to grab brunch soon at one of our favorite local cafes that makes delicious healthy food from only fresh ingredients. I agree and suggest that we should invite my brother and some friends to join us. She thinks this is a great idea and we head back into the apartment. We have about an one and half hours before lunch, after we both get washed up she makes some calls to invite people to join us for lunch.

As she is doing this I review the set that I am DJing later tonight for a couple hundred people at a club where I am featured. I am excited because not only do I love the opportunity to create a positive, energetic atmosphere for people several times a month DJing but, I will be premiering a couple remixes I have been hired to do for some current top 10 artists on the billboard charts. I feel great about the gig tonight because it is local in NYC instead of some of the other international cities that I sometimes play.

This works out good because I spent a majority of the week working with a fortune 100 client in California that hired my consulting company to lead them in an organizational transformation. They want to be an organization that operates within the context of sustainability, knowing this will be the direction not only for their long term growth but for their organizational happiness. This is a four and half month project worth upwards of 10 million and I like to be there to kick off projects of this magnitude to reinforce the importance of the work we do with my trusted employees.

We start to head out to the cafe and as we sit down my brother meets us with his girlfriend and several other of our friends. We all enjoy a pleasant brunch with lots of laughs and a couple drinks. During brunch my Mom calls to confirm our dinner meeting with my parents Sunday evening.

After brunch some of our friends leave to take care of some errands but, the rest of us decide to head down to SOHO to check out one of our close friends new art exhibit. As we enter we see that the exhibit is a huge success and I see a painting that moves me in such a deep emotional way that I purchase it for my apartment. We return to the apartment and decide that we will put together some of the additional plans for our trip to Argentina that is coming up. After finishing the plans for our trip and relaxing a bit my my wife heads out to join her friends for the evening and mentions that she will see me later that night where I am DJing.  Feeling extremely confident about what i’m going to spin tonight, I take the dog out again for a nice walk. During my walk my friend who is spinning with me, calls me to ask if I want to meet for dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurants near where we are DJing tonight.

I agree that this sounds like a great idea, and meet him there soon. Dinner is delicious and we discuss some sounds and ideas that we have been working during our DJ sets. We get to the club and the night proceeds with a fantastic energy and excitement. We are both validated in putting on a fantastic performance due to the amazing energy of the people dancing and the complements we are getting from everyone. Towards the end of the night my wife shows up with her friends and
some friends of mine that came in from out of town to surprise me. I am surprised and filled with happiness to see them. As we are all leaving the club after i’m done spinning we go to a trendy cafe to chat for a little before heading home to go to bed. My we have a fantastic time catching up with our friends and it is at this point towards the end of the night that my wife surprises me and everyone else with the good news that she is pregnant, and we are all so happy our friends are here to share this exciting news with us. We all head back to the apartment exhausted from a fantastic and fulfilling day, our friends stay with us in the guest bedroom and we all fall asleep grateful for the life we have, and excited about tomorrow which we are spending helping out a charity.


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