James: Fishing Man under Rainbow Bridge

The actual picture

I was walking on the wooden beach boardwalk in the park early this morning. I saw a fishing man under a short rainbow. I thought I could take a good picture from a certain angle. …

My phone does not have the zoom feature… so I walked toward him to be closer to make all the subjects bigger in the picture.
I was thinking about the title of the picture… Maybe “Fishing Man under Rainbow Bridge” was good.
It took me a few minutes to get there. But it took only 30 seconds for the rainbow to fade away…. and the fishing man started walking away too.
There was only a lovely seagull when I got there… so I could only take a picture of the seagull.
When the seagull noticed my intention, it swam away too, just like the rainbow, the fishing man and many other things in my life.

— at Sunken Meadow State Park.


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