Debbie – Exuberance & Excitement

My vision is a life of exuberance and excitement. Sleeping dreamily like a baby every night feels blissful. On quite a few nights, I experience fantastic dreams so vivid and real. I wake up feeling refreshed and somewhat surprised, and then sigh in content – real life is just as good, if not better, than my dreamed up fantasy. Life is full of excitement and stretching out of my comfort zone. Work is full of flow and stretch assignments that I take on with enthusiasm, gusto and a focus on results.  Life is an enrollment game. I’ve been developing close friendships with a few ENFP women (MBTI test type) – our  meetups are stimulating and exciting. I’m surrounded by promoter supporters and promoter controllers. My relationship with Kevin keeps getting better and better. I am sure, now more than ever that we always come to win-win situations. There is no lasting need to be right, only the need to be love. It’s funny how consistent the formula ends up being – the bigger the breakdown, the bigger the breakthrough. We are both  intrigued by similar things, such as psychology, enrollment, learning and growth. We give each other the space to do our personal thing, and yet are so connected at the same time. We continue with our romantic, surprise-filled dates….sooo good! We have what it takes to create the relationship that we want, together. He is attentive and supportive. I am grateful and loving. Some would say I’m a hopeless romantic. I say I’m living a life of sparkles!

We empower and encourage my brother to constantly take himself on to the next level, so that he possesses the life skills to keep doing bigger and better things that serve his big picture dreams.

I easily shift into a mindset where I am all about results. With that way of being, my doing and having come  naturally.

I’m all about the follow through – when I make a commitment, I readily make it happen. If my brain starts making excuses, e.g. “I’m too tired,” or “I don’t feel like it,” I simply ignore them to meet the deadline of how much by when. Hence, I am a woman of my word, and my word is my bond. I trust myself entirely, just as others have come to trust me.

I keep doing bigger and better things – stretching as a way of being. I am still the stretch queen. I am a natural saleswoman, and life is an exciting enrollment game. The results of my endeavors manifest themselves in various areas of my life, including money, work, family, and relationships. The content is the content, but the context remains the same: stretching outside of my box until it’s within my comfort zone, trusting myself, risking, not being afraid to make a mistake, seeing failures as steps closer to success, and having fun.

I don’t wait for the world to recognize my greatness – I live it, and let the world catch up to me.

I shoot for the moon and settle for the stars. Stars, you say? How very, readily fitting… I am, after all, living the sparkled life!

Best Wishes,




  1. Eddie

    Powerful words my friends.

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