Tamara: Maybe Love…


Maybe it’s not that he/she doesn’t want to be there for you. Maybe at some point you acted as though you didn’t want or need him/her around. Maybe people get tired of fighting for space in your life, and that’s fine, because maybe they just don’t belong there and that’s also fine. Maybe there are people willing to move heaven and Earth to stay relevant to you, and that’s fine. Maybe others aren’t, and that’s also fine. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. You spend so much time quantifying and qualifying a person’s love for you that you overlook the numerous ways it shows up in your life. It needs to look one way and when it doesn’t look that way, it doesn’t count. Some people are cool with proving their love for you by showing it your way. And some people love themselves enough to know they deserve the love of someone who accepts the way THEY love. Take it or leave it, it’s all fine.


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